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Want your time back?

Dachi helps you reduce your social media usage through an evidence-based program


Take back time

The average user gets back 1 hour for every 5 minutes spent on Dachi.

Live meaningfully

Spend time on what really matters to you: fitness, work, hobbies, friends, family...

Change from within

Psychology is key for lasting change. With Dachi, you become able to stop procrastination, resist distractions, and live life meaningfully without additional tools


Build healthy habits


Dachi is an app focusing on reducing your social media usage. We take the most promising research around digital addiction and incorporate it into a self-therapy program 

Driven by science and developed with researchers from:

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32 hours
average time gained in one month

14-day intervention

Drastically reduce your social media usage in just 14 days through our intervention program

Daily exercises

Receive a new 5-minute exercise every day that will make you aware of your social media usage

Backed by research

We created Dachi with the collaboration of leading researchers of digital addiction, licensed therapists, and behavioral designers


We got tired of spending too much time mindlessly scrolling on social media. So, we built an app to help us break the overuse, and replace it with better habits


We are on a mission to help people have more time to spend for more meaningful activities. Social media has been designed to be addictive, we want people to take back control


Dachi is based on the most promising research within digital addiction and behavioral psychology. We then integrate it into an easy-to-use program


Klara, Denmark

"Dachi helped me be more present during the day, and not be controlled by FOMO"

Matthew, USA

“I reduced my instagram usage by 1,5 hour a day in just one week”

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